Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday

Salam semua!

This will be my first attempt in publishing postcard-type picture. Rather than joining the Wordless Wednesday that are famous among bloggers, i choose Wanderlust Wednesday instead. 
This picture was taken during my trip in Venice, Italy early this year. 'Ponte' or bridge is one of the unique characteristic that you will find there. Wandering around and getting lost in Venice is a MUST! Even though people said that there are nothing in Venice, but do come and experience it yourself. You'll be AMAZED! 

Till then, Adios and Wassalam! 

Enjoy your day! =D


Dr Singa said...

Venice cantik kan!!?
pernah pergi sana masa belajar dulu
zaman kamera kecik guna pilem

nak join jugak buat
"Wanderlust Wednesday" boleh..?

abbazeef-wanderlust said...

@Dr Singa
kan?? venice is a very RUSTIC and OLD city! the ambience mmg xblh dpt di mana2. spesel ah. dgn water taxi, gondola segala. murano, burano. nice ah. n the people r sooo nice! especially yg tua2 tu.. hehe

silakan! jom2! best kalo dpt ajak ramai2 blogger travel2 ni buat wanderlust wednesday rather than wordless wed! =D

Janggel / Rain said...

Wow nak buat jugak la wonderlust wednesday! Tapi hari ni jemaat...

abbazeef-wanderlust said...

salam jumaat. hah! lmbt dah baq hang. xpe2. next week ade. moh kita bersama! weekend blh prepare. =D

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