Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday - Scala Elicoidale

Salam n happy day guys! 

Today i want to share one of the famous landmark of Vatican Museum, Scala Elicoidale or Spiral Staircase! This amazing and magnificent staircase has been built by Giuseppe Momo in 1932. 

'The Spiral Staircase, also called the Momo Staircase or the Snail Staircase, is made up of two wrought iron stairways – one going up, one going down – that curve in a double helix. Ironically it was created in a time before the double helix became a symbol for science, DNA and subsequently, all human life. While the staircase was once walked by every visitor to the Vatican Museums on their way in, it is no longer on the route. Subsequently (and sadly), it is now missed by a lot of visitors to the museums. If you want to see the staircase during your visit, look for it near the entrance to the museums' 
 Source : DarkROME
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